Retired at 40

4 years ago…

I was a leasing manager for a 900 unit apartment complex tat generated millions of dollars every month. Working 10 hour days and had a growing family of 5 children and a beautiful wife who handled practically everything.

Then the shocking reality of working for a large corporation came into my lap.

One too many mistakes…

I was fired

I had to go home (which was an tiny 3 bedroom apartment on the very same property which now became something that made me sick.) and tell my amazing wife that I was a failure.

This was not only the most devastating thing I would ever have to do but it would also be the most important event in our family’s life.

This blog is going to be dedicated to how we went from here (through many more failures) and created a network marketing business with over 30,000 people, generating almost 2 million dollars in revenue (which yielded 6 figures a year of income for us… so far) and becoming the celebrity, expert and authority on helping others get themselves out of their own prison (similar to the one I was in) of depending on J.O.B. for a living.

I’m done with that, the anger is still there, but I am done with that. I love it when someone else in our team gets to experience what life is like working from home and retiring at 40.


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