For two years there’s been a coalition of millions of independents, passive observers, and former “Nevertrump” conservatives (like myself), that have been united in our disdain for the president’s behavior, sub-human character, childish turpitude, and unstable leadership. That disdain has occasionally spread to his choices for federal judges, cabinet members, and White House employees. That being said, I have supported official selections for this government like Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, and even Mike Pompeo, along with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh for SCOTUS.

I’ve been accused of being a liberal/socialist/“obummer lover” and other dumb names almost every day since, on the basis that my objectivity helped empower the Democrats. As though my intellectual and moral consistency should be subject to partisan purity. So bothered was my own local GOP that the executive committee officially voted this year to kick me out of the Party and refund my dues. (I proceeded to pay it again under another name, because I support the IDEA of who we are, and want progress)

Maybe Democrats do appreciate the political capital of our independence from the fever that’s infected the Right. Occasionally our mutual disgust has run parallel to each other. Perhaps they feel emboldened by our righteous indignation. It’s possible they hoped they’d advance on our lack of energy for a Party that’s departed from who We have always been.

But their stunts during this Kavanaugh confirmation (during the hearings, and this week) threatens to ruin all of it, by reminding us exactly why we will never vote for them, or give their political games any refuge. We have been poked in the posterior by their own boorishness. Not that I would ever become a party- or trump-loyalist, but they might motivate us to fight back against them for what they’ve done. It’s motivated me.

This is the most incensed and motivated I’ve been since Obamacare was passed in 2010. And I have a feeling I’m not alone. To Democrats: you will drown in this sickening behavior. It may be more articulate, but it’s not much more respectable than what trump and his minions have done the last 18 mos.

Like Sens McCain, Sasse, Flake and others, I’ve defended the resistance to some of the nonsense in our Party. But the last month you’ve lost me. You’re not just standing for civility and human decency. You’re being the other side of the same coin you criticize. Until November I’m going to lock down and do my best to beat your political rear end into the mud you crawled out of, and go back to my old self on November 7th.

Rant over.