Against the Dragon Queen: Episode 6.5: As we cut into the Roper…

Leaf pulls out his dagger and plunges it into the still twitching carcass of the Roper. “I’m pretty sure that the warning poem my mom read to me as a child ended with the hunter finding treasure within the Roper’s body.” He continues to slice open the beast. “Besides, I’ll belt that the pieces of this thing will be worth something to the right wizard or Alchemy Guild. Just not sure how we’re going to store it.”

Guardian Drake Skin

After checking inside the creature for treasure, Leaf moves on to chopping off dicrete pieces of it, like the tentacles and eye. “My mother taught me a secret language that she would use when she wanted to tell me something without others knowing what she was saying. Until yesterday I thought I would never here that secret code again. It seems she has taught me a tongue that kobolds, trash lizards, and blue dragon-men all seems to understand. You too seem to understand it, Varo, and you come from somewhere far far away from here, for I have never seen an Elf of your complexion pass through Greenest. What can you tell me of this language that you know even better than I for clearly it comes from somewhere far from here.”

Leaf continues to cut away important bits of the roper and the Guardian Drakes they lay in the cavern. “Bendrin, Gopher was teaching me Dwarven when all this happened. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving me a few pointers? I’ve seen your script in other languages I’ve studued but I think I would really benefit from learning the mother tongue.”

Burning the bodiesin the cave.

He piles everything of value outside and then, carrying as many as possible at a time, he piles all the carcasses, including the ones hanging in the meat locker on to the trash heap where the trogs came from dismantling all the traps they found as well. He pours oil from the lamps on the clothes of the bodies and lights the whole thing on fire. Then he exits out the long way so as to avoid the bats one final time. “I just want to leave this as habitable as possible for the town. They could use a place to run to if this kind of thing ever happens again.”

With the dirty business done and a thin line of greasy black smoke (and perhaps some bats) beginning to leak out of the mouth of the cave, he disassembles the remaining stream tents of from the upper area and fashions a set of makeshift litters so that all the valuables can be carried back to Greenest. “This isn’t going to make up for what they lost, but maybe this and claiming this land for Greenest in some way, will help them get back on their feet.”

As the sun begins to set, the party sets off towards Greenest…