An Open Letter to Leslie Jones

Dear Leslie,

First off I hate calling anything “an open letter” so I apologize for the mediocre title. One day I’ll write a stern open letter to potato chip companies about their abundance of air and lack of chips in their bags and THAT will be a true open letter.

Anyhow, I doubt you’ll read this but I have faith this letter will come across your eyes.

Please know that you are magnificent.

This is you being all magnificent and stuff

I’m not just saying that to kiss your ass because you’re a celebrity. I’m saying it because when I left the theater after watching “Ghostbusters” this weekend, I saw two little girls leave the theater smiling ear to ear, fearless, ready to conquer the world (or at least 2nd grade). You kicking ass on screen is important. It shows girls AND boys that they can overcome adversity and kick ass. Life is filled with metaphorical ghosts to bust. For most of my life, I didn’t think I was equipped to fight these ghosts. Having immigrant parents and being a girl, I felt like I never fit in. I liked playing with cars, I liked magic tricks, I was always drawn to things dominated by boys.

As an adult, I ventured into culinary school which was 90% male and then comedy which is about 70% male (seriously, how is there only one female on a comedy line-up? That’s messed up).

I’ve stalked you on Twitter (sorry, I promise I’m not creepy) and I noticed you reply to most of the rotten comments that are spewed at you. At first, I thought, “Leslie, c’mon! Don’t feed the trolls! Don’t acknowledge them, that’s what they want!”.

Today, I understood why you fired back at the racist trolls.

Being silent when you witness racist cruelty is siding with them.

I don’t understand what it’s like to be you, and I never will. But as a woman, as a comedian, and as a human, I commend, support, and love you for all you do. You kick ass onscreen and off and so many girls in the future will do the same because you set that example.

No racist troll or ghost can undo the inspiration you sparked.

Ok, I’m off to write that open letter to potato chip companies.

Rock on, Leslie J!