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Edgar Alacan co-founded and serves as managing director of, a private jet company he grew from a startup to $40 million in annual sales. In charge of all sales operations, Edgar Alacan champions the company’s convenient Jet Card membership program.’s Jet Card membership program lets clients purchase prepaid cards that they can redeem to book a private jet flight in as little as 24 hours. Clients can purchase either a light jet, mid-size jet, super-mid-size jet, or heavy jet card, guaranteeing access to these aircraft at fixed hourly rates.

Light jets are ideal for quick trips, less than three hours long. The jets accommodate up to seven people and can land at smaller airports to leave fliers as close to their destinations as possible. Mid-size jets work well for four- to five-hour flights. They hold up to eight individuals, have more luggage space and headroom, and contain a lavatory. …


Edgar Alacan

Since establishing himself in the private jet industry, co-founder Edgar Alacan has combined a keen business acumen with a passion for private travel.

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