Thank you for jogging

Thank You. It’s something that can’t be said enough. Over the last few months we have been building a grassroots effort to bring together the arts and activity. Last Saturday was a blast and we wanted to take a moment to send out a quick thanks to everyone who helped make the event happen: the Artists and our Volunteers, Air Serenbe, Monday Night Brewing, the Atlanta Contemporary, and of course the Joggers themselves.

Because you may have been counting the seconds until you stumbled off the course, or you may have been helping us out in one spot and perhaps didn’t get to see all of the amazing work our artists created, here’s a quick refresher.


JoeKingATL created the first piece, a print driven by runners. The idea was to have all our Joggers run over a stencil on watercolor paper that when peeled would reveal an image. The result: amazingness…with lots of shoe prints. Joe described the idea as something similar to how a comedian would set up a joke that would be paid off at the end of his routine.

Mackenzie Brookshire

Mackenzie Brookshire created another process piece. You may have noticed a small, mysterious red and blue rock sculpture in the first turn of the West Side Provisions parking lot? This fascinating collection was more than just an installation however — it was the muse for a triptych of prints Makenzie printed Friday night on her risograph using cougar vellum. She later showed off the results at Monday Night Brewing at our after-race party. The best thing is, we’ll be selling them in our store at JOGGER.WTF in the next few weeks.

Brutal Studio

Brutal Studio created the ‘optional course’ — a swirly derby consisting of tires, rope, and an oversized banana. (Optional of course) The idea was to have something that would be fun to run through and perhaps wake you up a bit on your run, but not be imposing or mandatory. If you skipped it, no big deal. (But how often do you get to run anywhere carrying a 4-foot banana?)


Evereman provided two installations. One was a collection of magnetic Evereman cutouts that dotted the race course. His other piece will go down as legend and constitutes perhaps our biggest lesson learned. On Friday night around 1 AM, we installed a 12-foot tall running Evereman at the corner of Huff and 10th. Unfortunately, somewhere around 6 AM the piece was kidnapped. If anyone hears anything about who took it… seriously, let us know.


sQuishiepuss showed a collection of his signature fluid french bulldogs on a grid. It seemed only appropriate to put them by the water station.

Tex Grubbs

Tex Grubbs created our anthem poster, which we gave out at the end of the race. The work took a playful look at beer labels mixed with a healthy dose of Atlanta Culture. We wanted to have more than just the prints available at the Brewery so we printed about 45 of them and affixed them to telephone polls over a quarter mile.

Todd Slutsky

Todd Slutsky displayed almost thirty of his tiny characters along Watkins and up 9th avenue. Todd has been inventing these creations for the last twenty years but only recently started letting them out into the wild.

Sad Stove

Sad Stove created a 4 foot by 5 foot Sad Stove that was displayed beautifully at the end of Image road. Unfortunately, it was also taken hours before the race. We had mistakenly assumed some of the larger pieces would be okay alone for a few hours in the early morning…but this was apparently not the case. It’s something we regret and apologize greatly to our artists and joggers. We hate that you missed the chance to see these two wonderful pieces.

Along our course, Kyle Brooks displayed a series of his street poems. The race started with his declaration to ‘Start Over’ paired a little later with ‘Goodness Flowers’ tacked high at the Goat Farm. His characters’ presence continued with each mile marker, peaking coyly from behind each mile’s number. Finally, in the last mile he peppered telephone poles with lofty statements to carry everyone back.

Nick Madden created the final sculpture on our course, titled “runners high” It features a sculpted jogger with spinning eyes and clouds for feet. He described the idea as something that capture the feeling of a long jog, complete with spinning eyes.

Back at the Brewery:

Fabian Williams

Fabian Williams (Occasional Superstar) painted Unity, a depiction of hands coming together, that was well timed with the weeks previous events.

Rising Red Lotus

Brandon Sadler aka Rising Red Lotus transformed a blank canvas into a Jogger breaking through the canvas.


Dubelyoo also showed one of his pieces in process. Warriors is an under painting for a piece in his series on fighters called “Bring The Pain”.

Also, thank you to Atlanta Contemporary, for donating tickets to their upcoming Art Party (8/27) to one of the early finishers. The Art Party is their annual fundraiser to support free admission, every day… and requires no Jogging.

And thank you thank you to Air Serenbe for providing the artist’s fellowship. If you haven’t checked out what they are building do so now. Not only do they have an Artist In Residency Program (that’s the AIR part), they also have a stellar lineup of programming that is really adding a new dimension to the scene from beyond Atlanta’s city borders.

Needless to say, we are incredibly grateful and learned more than a few things from JOGGER. We will be continuing to build on the idea over the next year with informal “murals and miles” experiences and a store for featured artists. But this is your experience, so we also want to hear from all of you what worked, what didn’t, and what you’d like to see next time. So if you have a moment, hashtag it out, and let us know your thoughts. Thanks!