Sleeping with socks

For some of us, sleeping is just a miracle, ’cause everything keep us awake. Even the dimmest light becomes a fierce enemy when it comes to sleeping, a mosquito flying around, any sound, unmade bed, not confy pillow, but one of the worst things that can happen to me is cold feet.

I know is so trivial and not trascendental, but as I said, when you can’t fall sleep your whole life is affected.

I never liked to wear socks to keep my feet warm, I thought that it was something bad, as my feet are covered with socks all day long, I mean, they need to breath, but yesteday I gave it a second thought, winter is coming, and it’s already bad to have cold feet so I don’t want them to be even colder, that’s why I decided to wear socks.

Life changing might be a little bit over the top, but it was close to it. Keeping my feet warm made me sleep in a matter of minutes, not hours, obviously it made my waking up experience better. I surely didn’t like the feeling when I thought that my feet were prisoners again, but it was a low price to pay.

Little details make big changes, for me, this was one for sure. It even helped me to start dealing with my sleeping anxiety. Little details, big changes, for sure.