It is in the very low bracket, so low in fact — and I covered this in a comment on my piece on the…
Leslie Loftis

I came across the original article about the apparently healthy woman who sadly passed away a while ago and feeling suspicious about the way the story was told. I’m suspicious of this type of articles in general.

I’m surprised by how much American ppp’s cater to the homebirth culture. I went to a birth prep class at Kaiser that bombarded us with natural birth propaganda.

A single death in childbirth is one death too many, but, at the same time, is that what we should primarily focus on? Compare the very rare maternal mortality to the fairly common childhood developmental issues, especially among boys. Some of them are severely debilitating. I know many kids like that. I know several kids with childhood cancers (and ensuring developmental delays).

In contrast, I don’t know anyone who died in childbirth. (I myself had a potentially lethal complication with my second.)

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