Surubuy-like kisses of SabiWash to you


In times like this, challenging times, you must be willing to get up and do. Our friends at surubuy are champs at this. They ‘get up and do’ and when they do get-up-to-do but are forced to take time-out to re-strategise, they do and come pack to do-anew. Unstoppable, they are! They are the true ambassadorial model of our ‘stop stopping, start starting’ tag line.

We are blowing you a Surubuylike kisses from our SabiWash 2.0 base. Yes, we have upgraded. Yes, we needed to remodel our system to uplift the mission of empowering Nigerians with more job opportunities they can do from the comfy comfort of their homes. We are back and smarter.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.