How is Hillary a queer ally [for instance], an ally to my community, if she is supporting…
Morgan Visser

Hi Morgana,

I agree with your stance. I am having difficulty deciding whether to vote for Clinton or not. I’m disappointed by her terrifying foreign policy decisions as senator and secretary of state, but I do/did think the safety and security of queer, people of color would be “better”, not perfect, with her as president, than with Trump. I am also not sure about the democratic party’s stance on a lot of things lately, including environmental policy, but I try to balance my vote with my senators and congresspeople, and local politics too.

To get back to the point: maybe I am naive, but I’m not sure there is a third (second if you view bipartisan politics as one), nonviolent, way to radically change politics? You repeatedly state your convictions in your post, but I think it would be stronger if you gave examples of what decisions, actions, or statements Hillary has made to threaten your safety as a marginalized person in the US, as you have in this comment.

I will still fall back on the lesser of two evils. I will fight for cultural and societal change, as well as political. But I’m afraid that electing Trump to office is just qualifying fear and strong-arm politics. I don’t want to disregard the decades of progress we’ve made in racial, sexual, and disabled justice, just by allowing Trump to become president (though I’m still hoping this is just a narcissistic joke of his). I am interested in hearing your examples so I can make an informed decision in this election. I think you assume that the reader has a quick recall of politics and political actions, examples of such a terrible impact in her other offices, etc.

Thank you for sharing a thought-provoking piece! — Kelley