7 Un-Resolutions for 2016

The same person who decided that sometime soon after Halloween we all need to start hating ourselves, and figuring out how we can be so much better than we already are, is probably the one who decided we all have to kiss no-matter-what exactly at midnight on New Year’s eve, and sing that song that nobody knows the meaning of, nor how to pronounce the words.

Who wants that?? Not me. Not you.

I would like to propose a new New Year’s tradition: Un-Resolutions.

What are you proud of? What do you want to keep exactly as it is? What do you really love about your life?

Here are mine.

I present you with 100% Schmaltz of 2015, AKA:

My Top 7 Un-Resolutions of 2016

1. The Kids: I told you it would be schmaltz. They’re healthy, they’re smart, and they’re the people I like to be around the most. I often like to complain that the only reasons my kids even speak to me is when they’re hungry, need to be driven somewhere, or need money for something. And I’m so lucky that this is how it is. More schmaltz in the next one too:

2. The Husband: Do you ever get the feeling that you married exactly the right person for you? I do. This is not trivial. Nor did I get it right the first time. But I have this time, and I am not taking it for granted. (by the way…. same goes for him, which I am sure to cheerfully remind him of, so that he doesn’t suddenly get confused and think otherwise….)

3. I am fit: I manage to get to the CrossFit box 5x a week usually, and I love it. I’ll throw into this one that I eat a pretty good diet, and I’m not too fat or too thin. To be completely honest, I can’t say that I wouldn’t like to be able to do more pull-ups, or eat less sugar, or lose a couple of kilos, because I really would. All of those things. But altogether, the physical situation is A-OK. And I don’t smoke, so I’m happy about that too (not that I ever did, but I’m still happy about it). I’ll add my teeth to here also. I have good teeth. Don’t want that to change.

4. I founded The Strong Women’s Club this year! I am so proud of this work. It is not easy. Nor cheap. I pay for this with a lot of time, and also some regular old cash, but it is one of the more worthwhile things I’ve done in the last few years. I get to meet truly inspiring women in all sorts of fields, from all over the world. I learn from them tons. I also get to teach other women about reaching who they want to be, about how it’s never too late, about how they can make their own good luck happen, how they can reinvent themselves to be their true selves. What an honor. Don’t want to not have it (double negative, making it very very positive. Maybe I should add a “never” in there, to make it a triple negative, meaning a double positive… maybe not).

5. My old beat-up jeep: my car is 13 years old, and I love it (or at least that’s what I tell it so that it does’t think I’m coveting other younger, more beautiful, cars). It’s safe and reliable, and keeps me and the younger drivers in our family well-protected. And because I spend hours every day in the not-so-enjoyable traffic, my car is a very dear buddy.

6. Internet. Yes. It’s true true true love. In #6 I’ll also include my iPhone, MacBook Air, and bluetooth technology. And when other new tech stuff is invented, I’ll love that too. I can’t wait to know what that will be!

7. Because I’ve committed to only 7, then I’m lumping my parents and my friends together in one number. But you know what they say: Friends are the family you get to choose. And I also say, parents are the friends I got to have. It’s all good.

Happy New Year!


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