Divided by meaning
Chris Arnade

What you fail to not see with the so called back row kids is that they gleefully, happily, joyfully voted for policies and politicians that destroyed their towns and cities. Those back row kids actively chose racism and lack of education, because they were told- and chose to believe- that being a back row kid was enough to get them through life. They voted for skewed tax policies, they voted for vicious drug laws and policing, they voted for lack of funding for schools and lack of development for jobs- usually to screw POC, not understanding- or caring — that they were screwing themselves.

Finger pointing at minorities and White liberals who have chosen to not tolerate garbage thinking anymore and who will not tied to people who choose a “screw them’ view of the world merely adds to misplaced victim mentality so many of these people have. Unless those back row kids take responsibility and study, they will continue to be vengeful and stupid.

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