Bernice Burgos (Beauty , Buns And The Brains)

Today, on the Breakfast Club high-profile urban model Bernice Burgos visited the show for an interview and this what we learnt from the 51:32 talk.

1. The interview felt like rewarding her for bad choices in life

2. Breakfast club gave prime real estate to someone who for the entire interview could not state who exactly she is or what she does. Only thing I learned is that she charges $5k an appearance.

3. Meanwhile, when people with careers and nonprofits come on, they get derided and made fun of and treated horribly, especially by Charlamagne simply because their careers are waning or that they’re not as popular anymore.

4. However, he treated Bernice like she was the second coming, fawning over her fake assets and telling people how much he likes her.

5. The people this woman admires are the same people who, by and large, are responsible for societal degradations and some who plague on black men (the Kardashians). She literally said she was shaking to meet Amber, and said that’s the people she looks up to. Please tell me what they’ve done for them to be your role models?

6. It just goes to show the bracket she belongs in, which is that of the media hungry lot who go around doing anything for relevance, then turn around and say that’s not what they’re doing.

7. If you got surgery done, I don’t care how many times you go to the gym, please don’t tell me how good your body looks and how hard you work for it, because it’s not realistic.

8. She seems to have a jaded and myopic view of men because of the kinds that she’s dealt with, and by her comments on her daughter, I don’t see her getting the best advice on a myriad of topics either, sadly.

9. The reason people look at this woman the way they do, and the way they deride her so much is exactly because of how this interview went, bereft of substance and full of superficial commentary that amounts to nothing, and she wonders why people thinks she’s a thot and homewrecker.

10. Breakfast Club you need to do better.

Lastly, hearing Bernice Burgos talk really just ruined the way i look at her Instagram pics now. She sounds like vintage Loaded Lux on a Smack DVD. It makes sense now why beautiful Instagram models/bartenders don’t talk that much. GED Buns & Brain

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