I’ll Name This Article Later Part 2

Ok..Blac Chyna didn’t want Rob Kardashian…she just wanted to rob the Kardashians…

So Rob Kardashian paid for Blac Chyna to get weight loss surgery but not for himself?

Soooo T.I. , Tiny and Blac Chyna had a threesome…thanks Rob for giving the internet so much tea.

Rob Kardashian has 5 sisters, and Blac Chyna still hasn’t been confronted ..

Blac Chyna and Phil Jackson the top scammers in 2017 thus far.

Rob Kardashian could have had one of these countless model L.A chicks, but he chose Blac Chyna ….Smh

Somebody said …How is what Blac Chyna doing to Rob not the same thing his famous sisters do to black brothers….OMG

Blac Chyna let another man wear Rob Kardashian’s robe in the house that Rob pays for . Thats just foul

Btw..Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, T.I & Tiny, Tyga, Adrienne, Kris, Baby Dream…find out next week who gets dragged into this messy situation…

Party is on Twitter now since Instagram shut down Rob’s account for revenge porn and explicit content …lol

Rob Kardashian really thinks he exposing Blac Chyna. He is the last person to find out she’s a scammer.

Rob and Blac Chyna better start putting money in the piggy bank for Dreams “therapy fund”

Lastly, about this Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian drama …neither one of them helping my pockets , so actually tuning out of this situation.

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