Nice to meet you!

(Writing and Wanderlust in Korea)

Ediket Retreat

Hello! As a team with a range of international experiences and a passion for writing, we wanted to find a way to get closer to you — our readers! So, we’re reviving the Ediket blog as a way to bring more down-to-earth, on-demand type content right to your fingertips.

Every Thursday morning (Korea time ^^), we’ll have a life-advice column. These posts will discuss our experiences abroad. They may relate to your own challenges, if you are considering or are currently living adventurously, or may simply be of interest to you if you ever wondered how life works in another place and time (we live in the future here in Korea, about 14 hours ahead of you, if you happen to live in the States lol). Thursday posts may also include writing-related how-to’s on occasion.

We also have a collection of writing lab posts published previously. These offer tips and tricks to help improve your technical writing skills, and nearly every post includes practice exercises at the end so you can make sure you’ve got those refined skills down.

In both cases, questions are completely welcomed! Help us get it right by taking the guesswork out of things — tell us directly what you’d like to know, and we’ll get to work finding your answers. ^_~

Thanks for reading so far; feel free to leave us a note below introducing yourself if you feel like it. It’s nice to meet you!

Or, in other words…

만나서 반갑습니다~ [manna-so pangap-sumnida]
よろしくお願いします〜 [yoroshiku onegaishimasu]

(Hey look, you can learn some languages, too! lol)

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