Online News Diary

Over the last few days I have been monitoring my online news consumption. I never really thought about how I got my news before, but I can’t imagine it is much different than anyone else my age.

First off all, I like to be informed so I configured the “News” App on my iPhone to send me updates. The best part about that app is that you can choose what sources to be updated by when news breaks. I receive updates from media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Fox News. I like to keep Fox News there because it is usually a completely different viewpoint than the others, not that I agree with it but I feel as though you should know both sides to arguments. These sources are ones that update me about things either extremely relevant to the U.S. or relevant worldwide, like natural disasters, terrorist attacks and more. I also have CNN’s official app on my phone. I open that app maybe a couple times per day, just scroll and click on a few articles that intrest me.

One of the things that I am most passionate about in life is sports. Although, I can admit, it is not the most important news I receive and it has no real impact on my life, it is still the news I consume most often. I have apps such as the ESPN app, CBS Sports, and more. I set up alerts so that I get notified when any of my favorite teams scores, drops a player, makes a trade, etc. I know that not everyone is a big sports fan like me, but this is the news that I consume more for my own personal enjoyment.

Another way I consume news I by watching TV. This weekend especially I was watching a lot of CNN, but I was watching The Weather Channel even more to keep up with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Even, ESPN was doing a lot of coverage on it to encourage people to help out in any way they can and praising athletes like J.J. Watt, who used his platform to raise over $7 million in reliefs efforts through his foundation, and Derrick Lewis, a UFC heavyweight who has claimed to rescued hundreds of people from the flooding in Houston already.

One of the things I miss the most about being at home is the Sunday paper. I’m from Syracuse but I am not referring to The Post-Standard, or as my father and I like to call it “The Sub-Standard.” My uncle delivers the newspaper and he always drops off an extra copy of The New York Times to our house. The difference between The New York Times and the Post-Standard is astonishing.

Sometimes to keep informed about campus events and other things in Oswego I will pick up a copy of the Oswegonian. One of my former roommates is now the editor for the Oswegonian so I like to send him a picture of me reading it, but it really is a good way to stay updated about what is happening on campus.

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