10 Tips for Choosing an English Language Editing Service for your Manuscript

Understanding the importance of English language editing services

When choosing an English language editing service, you may only research the services related to English editing and proofreading. However, by understanding all the types of online editing services offered, you will have a deeper appreciation for the experience and knowledge of the expert editor who will be serving you. In addition, you will already be aware of additional services if and when you feel the need to use them for your current manuscript or another you may write in the future.

1. Do you require translation services? Perhaps you’ve been hesitant about translating your paper into English. If you lack the time or confidence to translate your paper on your own, finding an English editing service that can begin with providing translation and editing of your paper is important.

2. Know the typical reasons for rejection before you choose the level of service right for you. You probably don’t want to think about rejections, especially since you’re already making the effort to hire a scientific editing service prior to sending your manuscript to a journal. However, when you understand the many reasons a journal could reject your paper, you will be aware of which rejection “risks” you are more susceptible to. As a result, you will be able to choose the level of English editing services that will eliminate or reduce chances of rejection.

3. Understand the pros and cons of online editing services. When communicating strictly online, there is always a chance for misunderstanding. However, there are many ways that an editing service can ensure that both sides are understood through every step of the process. When you first begin the process, such as with getting a quote, you will learn a lot about the communication options available. How easy is the submission process? Did they provide you with more than one way to contact them such as a live chat or email? Do you understand the timeline and turnaround for responses? Though electronic submission and editing can be convenient in many ways, make sure that you understand expectations and have asked all the necessary questions involved in the process of using online editing services.

4. Is publication support included with English editing services? Another aspect of editorial services is support during the publication process. From choosing the correct journal for your manuscript, to assisting in responding to journal reviewer’s comments, having these services available is an important consideration in your journey toward publication.

5. Understand what kind of expert experience your editor has on your topic. It may take a bit more effort to determine, but you should be able to access an editor with direct experience in the subject matter of your paper as well as writing and editing knowledge. A professional editing services company will have numerous editors available to meet the individual needs of each author and the requirements tailored to the specific topic addressed in their paper.

6. Assess your need for medical writing editing. If the topic of your manuscript covers medical information, you may also want to see if medical writing editing services are an option. An editor with a medical background, degree, and certification to edit for medical journals will be capable of giving your manuscript the thorough edit you deserve for all you hard work and research.

7. Are there editors with experience in Scientific proofreading?There are many different kinds of professional editing services out there. Some focus on academic papers while others serve clients who write scientific or medical papers. When you’re relying on a professional editor to make sure your paper is correct in every way, that editor should be knowledgeable about the topic and understand the specific criteria involved in using scientific terminology, illustrations, and formatting for scientific journals.

8. Does the service offer an English language editing certificate?When English is not your native language, you’ll want to provide assurance to the journal reviewer that you had your paper edited by a company or person experienced in editing manuscripts written by ESL authors. By choosing an English language editing service that offers an editing certificate, you will be communicating to the journal that you take publishing your paper seriously.

9. Read testimonials to get an idea of past clients and author subject matter.Testimonials and reviews of the editing service you choose can help to confirm that all they say about their services are true and that they consistently deliver quality work to their clients. The more specific testimonials and reviews are, the more you will know if the services meet a variety of English language editing needs.

10. Affiliations and Certifications add a final element of credibility. If you’ve done your research up to this point, you’ve probably already come across affiliations or certifications of the editorial services on your list of possibilities. But just in case you haven’t made note of it, this final tip will give you the confidence to choose the most qualified editing service for your needs. Look for affiliations or partnerships with scientific and medical journals and organizations around the globe.

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