Genuine question: If “tech” accounts for less than 10% of employment in the city, how does it seem…
Jacob Shilling

Because I was angry and in the moment all I wanted to do was insult this asshat.

But, you’ll be happy to know, inbetween all this press shit all day, I’m in the middle of writing a letter to Ed Lee and the police chief as well. Because aside from the homelessness expanding, the lack of compassion is also expanding and it’s killing our city, starting with our mayor.

He is directly responsible for a lot of the rich influx (including but not limited to the tech industry). He is giving the old residents less and the new residents more. He’s making it comfortable for only the select few.

TECH is helping advance the disparity by contributing $$$$$$$ cash dollas yo. 10% MY ASS. Does that count all the money they spend on going out to eat and drink every night of the week? And all the taxes they’re paying for the apps and startup companies? DOUBT IT.