Well, you’d be remiss not to consider the entire history of San Francisco.
Jason Thorpe

Dude, if I considered all of San Francisco’s history, yeah, it would be more accurate, but it would also be super fucking long. Not trying to write a dissertation, just a letter. But please, if you want to add your valid opinions to the mix, clearly you have more background. I was too little in the 90’s to really comment on what happened. I wasn’t even old enough to vote when Arnold became governor.

I agree with you. I’m Mexican; I exaggerate when I get angry. It’s lucky I date a white guy because he centers me. Yes, I make it sound like I’m attacking all tech people in my letter and Justin Keller makes all homeless people out to be drugaddict monster with psychological problems. But I’m not actually attacking all tech people. Because I know the difference between a tech person and a tech monster.

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