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I appreciate your response. I already responded about this to someone else on here earlier so I’ll spare you the details. But my main point was trickle-down effect and I attached a link to the rise of homeless families with children in 2014 . The higher the cost of living, the less people can afford, the more likely it is for people to lose their homes…on the flipside, the more rich people who move here, the more average wages aren’t enough to compete, the less available spaces there are for middle-low income classes to live.

As I said in my interview with KCBS earlier, I am not attacking all tech people. I certainly have friends in tech. I realize it’s useful for lots of things lately, (though in my opinion that usefulness is akin to crutches). I am simply resenting this tech man’s complete lack of self-reflection. His writing is self-serving. He is not focused on the right angle of the subject, for one. But also, he did not specifically categorize the people about whom he shared stories. He labeled all homeless people as the problem…so though you and I can tell he’s referring to mental health patients on the streets, he cannot. He thinks all homeless people are like that and furthermore, he doesn’t give two shits about it. He doesn’t want to see it. He doesn’t want the mayor to give them mental health help; he wants him to get rid of them so they’re not in his way while he’s watching a movie. That is disrespectful to humanity and to the underprivileged classes.

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