Entrepreneurship Immersion with RBC uOttawa Co-op

Edna Urrego, Startup Support Specialist at Startup Garage.

BSc in International Business and Master candidate in International Development and Globalization.

It is my first co-op term, and I feel grateful and lucky to be working at Startup Garage. I want to thank the Royal Bank of Canada, the CO-OP office at the University of Ottawa and Startup Garage for this opportunity and for their efforts to promote entrepreneurship.


I have traveled, worked and studied in different countries for the last eight years. I studied English in the UK, where I learned how to survive on my own, and learned the hard way that food didn’t appear magically in the fridge. I studied my bachelor in International Business in France and Singapore. Then, I moved to Berlin, Germany where I worked with serial entrepreneurs and investors at FoundFair. Finally, I went back to Colombia, my native country. In Colombia, I worked at SAglobal, a consulting company, but I realized that it wasn’t the right environment to get creative and share ideas. I quit and decided to start a new adventure in Canada, to pursue my masters in Ottawa in International Development and Globalization. Among my interests are entrepreneurship, social innovation, and enterprises with a social impact.


As long as I have time, I participate in workshops or meetups on entrepreneurship and (social) innovation. By chance, I went to the inauguration event of RBC uOttawa CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program. I learned about the Royal Bank of Canada’s commitment to cultivating and developing an entrepreneurial spirit among the students across all the faculties at the University of Ottawa. Weeks later, I found the Startup Garage position in the co-op database, applied and fortunately got selected! If you want to know more about RBC uOttawa CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program, click here.


Startup Garage is a very dynamic program, and something is continuously going on. My goal is to support Startup Garage’s companies portfolio. I help startups — with few human resources or heavy workload — reach their milestones.
My job position is exciting and flexible. I can be involved and learn from different industries and initiatives. Also, I am participating in the follow-up of each company progress during our bi-weekly meetings.
Startup Garage invites several serial entrepreneurs and experts from different fields to talk about their expertise and experiences. The startups and myself are exposed to a wide variety of topics such as marketing, finance, sales, legal matters and workshops on essential skills for any entrepreneur, as efficiently pitching your business (check my post on How to pitch your business in 3 min). It is an excellent opportunity to learn and get inspired by local entrepreneurs.

During the following weeks, I will be sharing my experiences in the entrepreneurial environment. Also, I will write about diverse topics related to startups and entrepreneurs.

Thank you for reading! I’ll be writing exciting content just for you, don’t forget to follow me :)