You haven’t googled carefully enough. I’m internet shy, but not anonymous. Publicity is not my strong part but there are contact details that even google picket up. Although the information is local and in romanian.

Yes, i am falsifying my facebook verification. What? i can’t have a falsified facebook cover? It is not my fault that zuckerberg put such standards that only celebrities and politicians have that sign. I want to be in the inner circle

And if you don’t like it, unfriend me from facebook. If i wanted to create a fake personality, online why would i bother having an escrow with bittrex? they do rigorous ID and personality check…? And if so why would i stop only on fb? if there are ways to perform even deeper faking…?
This is my real profile, friends, colleagues, family… all of that can be checked.

All the Node graphics look similar to the Edon graphics? really? take a second look! besides hosting them on postimg.org there is nothing alike. Although SimpleIn and I used their thread as reference.

Took some time to find this: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=590421.3035;imode
You could build your node too

You could compare that to what our first wallet will look.

Node developers used an obfuscation tool to scramble the code, but this is javascript, with a little time and effort you can get to the bottom.

I asked both crypti and node for their verification, and that wasn’t with an intent to clone their work. I was getting into this an genuinely wanted to take part of it. And crypti politely refused, if i recall the right way. But what node did personally affected me. 
Btw crypti open sourced their wallet, why i scammer like me didn’t take their source full of documentation and ready implementation?

All the people working on this are genuine humans met on bctalk, ask the directly who they are, they are not ppts under my control.

We are going to buy into the project. And the development as well as promotion will be crowdfunded within the Edon community. Alternatively an option will be opening a Dapp store and selling viable software. But i think the highest return will present the sForge option.

Escrow/Distribution/Cheating Protection/ all of this is going to be performed by Bittrex.com. They are going to host and manage the Crowdfund. And in case of any regularity will refund the investor at once. They have very tight security, discuss this matter with Bill Shihara, and convince yourself about their professionalism @ bittrex.slack.com Besides that they have internal tools to spot ppl overatking more than they are allowed to buy. No risk for any of us, we don’t expose ourself to hackers that will sure want to take a piece of the crowd fund, and no risk for the investors, if we fail along the way, your btc will be kept secure.

You are free to do whatever you want, it is your site

I suggest doing due diligence on this project. Totally sustaining this statement. Make sure you do your own research before trusting other parties.

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