School of Tomorrow March 12th, 2017

Jaweria has a unique message to bring to the conference, due to her experience of having recently founded an alternative, progressive and democratic school in Pakistan, Edopia, that is effectively turning education upside down in a country where it is not easy to challenge established structures.

Her take, in a world where we badly need new ideas to adapt to new times, is invaluable. She says: ‘Curating childhoods in a neurotic, fast changing world, and keeping our children’s social conscience intact while being progressive and technologically enabled is the challenge of our generation’.

Teachers and courses were all designed based on Harvard University Project Zero and classes follow a learning framew ork underpinned by Tony Wagner’s Seven Survival Skills for sustainability in the 21st Century.

Letting society make all important decisions in life for her is something she regrets deeply, and something that she is willing to ensure doesn’t happen to other kids.

Her message is simple: let’s be serious about giving students the tools to take charge of their lives.



Learning enthusiast | Founder Edopia: A community-based alternative to traditional schooling.

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