Getting Laid for Homework

University of Oklahoma was shaken by a scandal. The latest news is that a third-year student from Saudi Arabia was offering college girls sex in exchange for doing their homework. The incident was discovered only recently; however, this has been going on for the last two years and more. According to an investigation performed by local journalists, the total count of duped girls was 27.
 The act was found to be offensive and criminal in nature, to say the least. All parties involved were condemned for their behaviour and the way they decided to go through with their education.
 To make matters worse, the Saudi Arabian student wasn’t even an A-list student who sold his talents in exchange for favors. He got creative, and instead of spending nights working on the homework assignments, as he would have the girls believe, he just used the controversial academic writing service
 The website is known for offering writing services to anyone who makes an offer. With the right offer you could get a finished paper in a matter of days. All you have to do is state your demands, choose a writer and pay. It is a simple way to cheat the system and get school papers done in hurry.
 Unfortunately for the University of Oklahoma, they were unable to push for any further action, since the papers were not proven to be a case of plagiarism or cheating. Therefore, they are technically considered to be originals, which makes no one guilty of any wrongdoings. It is to be seen have male student’s escapades made him more desirable or not with girls on the campus.
 However, one thing everyone is hoping for, is that this incident could prevent the further exploitation of girls on this campus, as well as all the other girls on campuses nationwide. Hopefully, it will serve as a warning to everyone that people are not to be easily trusted, especially strangers with extravagant offers. Using services such as is not the proper way to deal with your college assignments, but it’s safe to say that offering your body for homework is a far worse option.

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