Students will never give up on cheating!

Some kids teamed up to create a diversion and steal a copy of the final exam. So they threw a chair out of a window (second floor) and set the fire alarm off. Then one of the kids proceeded to steal the final exam while everyone was filing out of the classrooms because of the alleged fire.
 Needless to say, they were caught.

A student made a large poster board cheat sheet and hung it up in the teachers classroom which already had plenty of poster on the wall. He would just read right off it and got away with it once, but got caught after he tried the second time. This was in a high school class.

Сlass once got a test in primary school where they had to write part of a chapter from memory, and the teacher forgot that the chapter was stuck up on the wall.

In finals macroeconomics exam a student drew all of the necessary graphs on the chalkboard about an hour before the exam and then lightly erased them. Because the professor doesn’t proctor the exam and its normally just a secretary or a different teacher they didn’t notice the faint graphs on the board. The student said it was the easiest final he had ever taken and that most of the class also noticed the graphs at some point during the final.

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