Top Places for Summer Vacations for Students

Panama City, Florida

Panama City is known as a fun, affordable spring break destination. So why not go during summer vacation? Be sure to book early to get the best deals!


Amsterdam is high on most students’ lists of places to visit, even though many parents cringe at the idea of letting their children loose in a city with such a salacious reputation. The good news is that money is one less thing you have to worry about. According to, the average cost of round-trip airfare from the United States to the Netherlands has dropped 6 percent from this time in 2011.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

A Niagara Falls summer vacation is a great idea for the cash strapped college student. Why? Because there are many cheap hotels in the area and many popular attractions are within walking distance.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Since cowboy boots are always in style, students can feel good rocking the local footwear at the Fort Worth Stockyards or at Billy Bob’s honky-tonk. For those who don’t have a pair, never fear. With airfare to Dallas-Fort Worth airport from other major U.S. airports averaging $277 round-trip (down 5 percent from summer 2011), affording some new shoes should be easy, even on the stingiest student budget.

Take a road trip

ast, but certainly not least, you can opt for the classic road trip. It was good enough for Kerouac and his pals, so why not for you? Pick a destination, or simply choose a highway to explore and see what the road offers you. Fill the car with friends who can all chip in on gas and lodgings, or combine this idea with camping to save even more money.


Sure, the Mile High City has been known to act as a convenient stopover to Rockies explorers, but students looking for an exciting, budget-friendly summer vacation should give Denver its dues. From riding roller coasters at the Lakeside Amusement Park to catching a baseball game at Coors Field, this city boasts plenty of ways to satisfy younger travelers. And with round-trip domestic flights from many major U.S. cities averaging $270, Denver is just as pleasing to the wallet.

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