17 Things people have said about EC Events

This isn’t our first rodeo.

You’re counting down the days. Maybe this is your first EC event, maybe you’re a seasoned traveller, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be unlike any education event you’ve been to before.

What you can expect is the same snazzy, vibrant and powerful EC Vibe you find at any of our events. So what have people like you said in the past about how we do things? We’ve gathered 17 of our fave soundbites that made us laugh, mist up a little and mainly super proud. See you the Royal Exhibition Building on September 27th & 28th for EC17

  1. “I have been to many conferences in my career and can honestly say this was the most inspiring and energising conference I have been to.”
  2. “why can’t every education conference be like this?’
  3. “For 18 months, I’ve been looking for schools of a similar context to bounce off. Found it at EC14”
  4. “Inspirational speakers actually sat down with us and worked alongside us. I’ve never seen that before”
  5. “So much action and excitement. Do we have to break for morning tea?”
  6. “There’s an incredible power in the Collective Genius”
  7. “Many, multiple, magnitudes.. whatever synonym you use there are great stories.”
  8. “This is the best thing I have done for my career.”
  9. “A Serious Edu-vation with the world’s greatest educators. I’ll be back again next year, and the year after that”
  10. “Australia’s most passion-driven Education event.”
  11. “A Great opportunity for Aussie teachers to make change.”
  12. “This crowd, this vibes makes me believe that anyone can achieve something great”
  13. “Educhange has opened the door to some amazing people who think big & act bigger each day.”
  14. “I Was very privileged and proud to be part of EC16”
  15. “So much to take away, share & inspire from the epic past two #educhange days! Thank you @EduChangemakers community!”
  16. “Incredible event @EduChangemakers -as I sit on the bus back to the airport I’m checking accommodation options for next year #educhange #wow
  17. “Amazing conference. Watch out school, I’m coming for you with the help of the collective genius!”

So there you have it. Seventeen things educators like you have said about our events. You don’t just want to be reading the tweets. Avoid FOMO. Grab your free ticket to the best event for educators this country has ever seen, and talked about! See you in September. | #Educhange

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