Deliver WOW

Hanging out at Zappos Labs Innovation HQ in San Francisco

What have we learned from a shoe company? That delivering WOW should be one of your organisation’s core drivers. We also know through having this as an adopted EC mantra, we look for ways to WOW each other too. We are always looking for ways to live out our core values. It’s a pretty nice way to approach life, and we know when you get the values of an organisation right, you are a long way toward getting the culture right too. And companies live and die on their culture.

Here’s a nice little explanation from the team at Zappos:

“WOW is such a short and simple word, but it encompasses a lot of things. To WOW, you must differentiate yourself, which means do something a little unconventional and innovative. You must do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. And whatever you do must have an emotional impact on the receiver.”

When I hung out with Will and the Zappos team in San Francisco, I loved their generous, open and fun approach to not only their work, but also mine. It was a pretty epic few hours, and it’s stuck with me. Infusing WOW into each day and being incredibly authentic in the process is something that takes practice. Delivering WOW is not about hero acts of kindness, or being like Oprah (you get a car, you get a car… everybody gets a car!), it’s about showing your colleagues, clients and importantly those you hang out with every day that you see them, value them and consistently will look for ways to make them KNOW they are pretty darn awesome. It’s why EC17 (and EC18,EC19…) will always be free for educators and students to attend. Great learning, no barriers. Delivering WOW.

But let’s also be also honest… sometimes those big acts of niceness are pretty nice to receive (and fun to give too… right Ms Winfrey?).

So because you love to share the #Educhange love with your peeps, we want to say a big old thank you. And because WOW is always better shared, we’re going to thank your fave peep too. Here’s the deal. Four little steps.

  1. Get your friend to register for a ticket to Educhange (yep, any ticket)
  2. There’s a little question asking how they found out about Educhange… get them to pop your lovely name into the answer box
  3. On July 31, Wait by your email to see if the random name generator thingy that Maddie (our awesome Director of Communities) set up has decided that you and your friend are the epic recipients of a $500 QANTAS travel voucher each. Yep, each. That should help you have a pretty snazzy time in Melbourne (but you can use it for whatever you want, to be honest!).
  4. Give yourself a little high-five. Because you’re awesome.

Simple. And you can get as many people as you like to register. Lowest barriers to Delivering WOW we could think of.

Having clear core drivers that underpin how to work is one of the best ways Changemakers get traction with their ideas. Consider what your core values are by diving deeper into how some of the best organisations in the world operate. We love our friends over at Zappos and other like-minded Educhange partners like Yoobi, Little Scientists, Maths Pathway and the JBNProject. These are all teams who have clear and deliberate values, leaders with immense character and individuals who simply love their work as a result. It’s why we hang out with them, and they look forward to hanging out with you in September.

Look out for WOW and expect awesome across Educhange Week.

Educhange Week | September 25–29 2017 | Melbourne | | #Educhange