A heap of things to thank you for.

Summer Howarth
Jul 24, 2017 · 7 min read

An open letter to my friends, family and humans I love.

The goodest of people.

From where I spend most of my time away from people I love.

​Hey. I’d like to Thank You for a few things.

Thank you for being consistent with me.

Thank you for understanding my priorities aren’t always right, but my intentions are always good.

Thank you for knowing that sometimes I can’t pick up the phone.

Thank you for voicemails that make me laugh.

Thank you for making me laugh. Always. No matter what. Somehow.

Thank you for letting me make you laugh. I like doing that very much.

Thank you for sending check in messages and for not making me feel bad when I don’t in return.

Thank you for sending me birthday cards. I’ve kept them all.

Thank you for getting that my work is really important to me (probably the love of my life), and for giving me the time, courage and space to dive deeply into it.

Thank you for listening to my stories, even if I ramble and go off track. This post is an excellent example of just that.

Thank you for getting that I’m even a bit more complex than I know, and a hell of a lot smarter than I let on to most people. But that I know who I am and you’re totally cool with that.

Thank you for planning stuff for us to do together. Because we both know that’s not my strength.

Thank you for not putting caveats on our catch ups and knowing that time and distance aren’t things that I think define the quality of a friendship.

Thank you for not needing everything to be glamorous all of the time. Gin on the floor while you help me move house is a pretty good example. So is winter market dimmies in hoodies or movies and chats in bathrobes.

Thank you for also loving a good dress up situation and getting fancy sometimes. You really are a fancy person.

Thank you for letting me knock on your door unannounced and hug your babies whenever I come home.

Thank you for making sure your babies know who I am, even though I’m far away.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes when I come home, I just want to hang out with my dogs and folks.

Thank you for always inviting me to stuff, even though my crazy schedule means I often have to decline.

Thank you for missing me.

Thank you for visiting me.

Thank you for making me know that I add value to your life, beyond a place to stay in Melbourne and bad dating stories.

Thank you for not letting my heart harden to the world and to people even though I have made a string of bad heart-based choices. We both know I’ve been reckless with my own heart, and the hearts of others.

Thank you for not ever letting me settle with anyone who has a bad heart and for not being afraid to say they weren’t good enough, even though sometimes I find it hard to hear.

Thank you for always being hopeful for me that someone with a good heart would come along. Again.

Thank you for getting that sometimes I need to be alone and for sometimes coming to be alone with me.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes I really want a big loud fun time and saying yes with little notice to crazy ideas and adventures.

Thank you for being the quiet backup I need, without running to save me. You make me feel strong, independent and resilient.

Thank you for going to battle along side me when we need to fight a good fight, and sometimes against me when I need to pull my head in. Basically for supporting my good shit, and calling out my bullshit.

Thank you for celebrating my life wins really loudly and proudly.

Thank you for encourgaing me to get overly passionate, enthusiastic and geeky on stuff I’m nerding out about. Your nods and smiles and raised eyebrows indicating curiosity and understanding are appreciated. Even if you’re faking it.

Thank you for allowing me show you that life is full of weirdness and adventure and is no good half-lived. That you can still remain curious and expect wonderful things to happen every single day.

Thank you for being open to me introducing new people to you. Thanks for accepting that new people come into my life often and for welcoming them into our lives.

Thank you for making sure I’m never hungry. Or at least not too far away from food.

Thank you for putting up with me swearing more than I should.

Thank you for letting me drink more than I should. And eat more than I should.

Thank you for tucking me in and making sure I’m ok when I’m feeling the afterglow of the former.

Thank you for getting out of the way, allowing me to make big mistakes and for never getting tired of hearing about how I should know better and I will do better next time… even though we know I probably won’t. And for never saying ‘I told you so’.

Thank you for supporting me to take big risks and letting me surprise myself when things turn out really well.

Thank you for making me take the credit for things I’ve worked really hard to achieve and succeed with, and not letting me take blame for stuff that I don’t need to bear blame for.

Thank you for accepting my apologies when I’ve been wrong.

Thank you for knowing that I will likely turn whatever situation we are in into an awkward one. Thanks for joining in on the awkward.

Thank you for trusting me with your secrets. Especially the ones about babies you’re expecting, jobs you’re taking or people you’re crushing on.

Thank you for trusting me with your sorrows too. For trusting me to find ways to help with your broken heart. Your sadness is my sadness.

Thank you for knowing trust is one of those things that’s pretty important to me, but has been chipped away by some people who have come and gone. My heart still hurts a little and I often react in strange ways. You know this and you’re gentle with me. That matters a lot to me.

Thank you for being trustworthy.

Thank you for calling me to share in your happiness. This is also my happiness.

Thank you for wanting me to be close to you when you experience some pretty personal stuff in your life.

Thank you for showing me what you’re writing; your thoughts and ideas. The stuff that matters to you most. This is a gift I don’t take at all for granted.

Thank you for growing my smarts with your big ideas and big brain and letting me learn alongside you.

Thank you for letting me teach you stuff too.

Thank you for reading books with me. And letting me share books with you.

Thank you for taking walks with me and letting me get overly excited about views, sunsets and stuff, even though I see it every day.

Thank you for not being too critical of my basic cooking… re-heating. Uber eats ordering… whatever. And yes, I know I’ve dropped some of it on my top, and there’s something in my teeth.

Thank you for finding stupid things on the internet that make me laugh.

Thank you for showing me new music. I love having that song that reminds me of the damn good times we’ve shared.

Thank you for in-jokes, out-jokes and laughing at things we really shouldn’t find all that amusing.

Thank you for finding nicknames to call me to make me chuckle and smile. Sumdog is probably one of the best. As is Darl, Little Buddy, Kid and Poppet.

Thank you for taking photos of us when we are having fun together. And for taking the selfies. You know I don’t take my own selfies.

Thank you for not having to post it all online either. I like that you’ve got memories of times we’ve spent together stored away in that little phone of yours.

Thank you for liking my stuff on Facebook and Instagram...and Twitter. I know some of it is weird and nerdy.

Thank you for good morning messages and good night texts too.

Thank you for knowing when I’m super scared and reminding me that everything will be ok, signing off with things like #Backyourself.

Thank you for knowing when I’m super excited and feeling powerful and supercharging that energy; feeding that flame.

Thank you for not skipping ahead on whatever we are watching together on Netflix so that we can always be at the same point together. Or keeping it to yourself if you have and not spoiling it for me.

Thank you for spending time with my family. For being interested in what they are interested in and checking in on them.

Thank you for withholding information about things and people that you know will upset me and make me anxious.

Thank you for reminding me how far I’ve come.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for letting me love you too. I know that can be one of the hardest things in life.

Thank you for doing the best that you can. Thank you for being my buddy. Life’s better because you’re around.

Forever yours,


Summer Howarth

Written by

Learning Designer | TEDxer | Innovation Advocate | Teacher Fan | Once Described as Nifty | Desserts for Breakfast | Founder @ The Eventful Learning Co.

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