We Go Together.

There are all sorts of values we work under. They help keep us on track, on point and the team heading in the same direction. When it comes to events (that we attend, design and produce), we think and care deeply about the who and the why. It’s one thing to have your brain tickled for a few days, it’s another thing entirely to walk away from a conference with a tangible solution or set of actions to move you closer to your goals. What is comes down to is a mix of things to inspire your mission and your mindset.

Here’s the truth of it though; conferences don’t exist to provide knowledge or answers. Or you can’t count on them for sure to provide these. What they absolutely can deliver is the promise of human connection and collegial interaction. What draws our community of people attending Educhange year after year is the promise of entering into an even wider community of people interested in the same stuff, have the same aims, share the same values. Of forming relationships and developing opportunities for collaboration and of course being excited at the possibility to pursue new projects or partnerships. Possibility is pretty much the key. And so we design very deliberately to curate community and foster connection. We engineer fun.

If the goal of a conference is to encourage human connection, the best way to do that is to create opportunities for people to work together to solve shared problems. We have a huge action bias, in fact it’s one of the values of the event.

Across the week, we have so many events and activities for you to choose from, but take it from us, more isn’t better. Schedule in down time. Explore the city. hang out with your people. There aren’t planned events all of the time (on purpose!). Look for fun.

Educhange is a commitment to serving our community, and to meeting a clear need — to help great teachers get even better at their important job. The need to better understand how to unleash teacher-led innovation and share what works, so that every teacher is equipped with networks, skills and tools to provide an education worth having for every young person.

The best leader is one who leads from a desire, not for power, but out of duty and a sense of commitment to the good of their community. -Aristotle

This is absolutely why we do what we do, and you’ll see this reflected in the people we select to share their story and of course across the entirety of the Collective Genius of the EC Community. Good, clever people, generously sharing their ideas and actions to bring others along on the journey of professional and personal development.

We go together. It’s our favourite value underpinning Educhange. A rule of play even. Whether it be in the direction of redesigning school, or to the bar. At Educhange, we hang out learning, sharing and laughing together. It’s the smarts and heart that sets up apart.

Come as a team, or come alone. You’re so very welcome to join us as part of the Collective Genius of the teaching profession. Your ideas and skills will make us all better. See you in September and getting loud (as always) across the socials on #Educhange.

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