Advantages of New Heavy Equipment by Cherry Hill Construction Co. Inc.

The new cab designs offer better visibility, reduced noise and vibration, and improved comfort as well. The new control systems will require low operator effort while also improving the control of the machine for both the experienced as well as the in-experienced operator.

Easier maintenance

Almost all new machinery offers electronic monitoring systems that will provide constant information on the health of the machine for the operator. These types of systems provide information to technicians, including service modes that will help them to diagnose conditions quickly.

Now days, machines are designed to make routine maintenance easier. With CATs wheel loaders, regular service points are easy to access from ground level, with site gauges making it easier to check the fluid of the radiator, hydraulic oil, and transmission — without having to use dipsticks.

Changes for the better

If you compare the excavation equipment of today with the machines of the past, youll notice that the changes are better. The machines of the past relied more on operator skill and technique, as very few of them had electronic features.

Today, almost all types of heavy machinery offer electronic features. Electronics are a great thing, as they can make the life of an operator easier than ever. You dont need to get out and check the fluids anymore, as all you need to do is take a look at your instrument panel, which can help to save you a lot of time.

Operators who have a lot of experience know first hand that machines of the past cant begin to compete with machines of today. With technology always getting better, it just makes you wonder what is in the future for heavy machinery. Years from now, one can only begin to wonder just great heavy machinery will get — and what other features will make the life of an operator even easier than it is now.

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