Oh, the faculty meeting. Often met with an eye roll, this necessary evil has a bad reputation. Maybe it shouldn’t.

More Voice and Choice for Educators

Last autumn, I found myself sitting at an Edcamp session with teachers sharing strategies to improve school climate. Interestingly enough, the faculty meeting became a prominent point in the discussion. Top-down meetings seemed to be edging toward a thing of the past and I was thrilled as teachers began comparing the newer types of faculty meetings employed at their schools to bring staff together. …

What can schools do to improve the E2E (education to employment) process?

The transition from school to work should act as a huge milestone in your life. It shapes your identity, pays your bills, and gives purpose to your days. It is a key stepping-stone from youth to adulthood. Except that for many youths, it feels as if this moment is never going to come. High levels of youth unemployment, a competitive market, and an inadequate training leave many students feeling completely overwhelmed and underprepared as they face the job market.

As a high school teacher, I’ve watched time and…

Possibly the most useful skill you can teach your students

Written by Michelle Blanchet and Maya Bialik.

You overhear a student talking to another student. ‘Hey, I’ll give you my cookie if you give me that gum.’ The other student nods — a successful transaction occurs.

This is a trade-off, a basic economic term often defined by the sacrifice of something to obtain a good or service. I’m in awe as I watch my students play out the concept in real-life and have high hopes for them as I hand out their vocabulary quiz.

But wait! As I grade the…

Let’s use one of our most valuable assets to revamp education.

As country after country scrambles to reform education, there’s one question that keeps popping into mind. Why are ed-tech start-ups getting all the cash? Sure they’re innovative and eye-catching, but are they really impacting education as much as we think?

Maybe there’s a better solution.

Instead of spending millions and millions on new apps, why don’t we put a bit more investment into an asset we’ve already got- TEACHERS.

Teachers are the low-cost, high impact way to transform education.

It’s just a matter of ensuring that they are working…

Despite all the careful planning and prep, the school year has the capacity to quickly get stressful. As soon as I sense students are feeling overwhelmed, I try to find little techniques to help lighten the mood and detox any unnecessary stress from building up. When things start to feel like too much, I pull out one of my favorite techniques — The Dot Test — which I was fortunate enough to experience in graduate school. When I can pull it off, it’s one of my favorite lessons of the year.

The Story of the Dot Test

Upon entering the…

What does it mean to connect our classrooms to the community?

Every year, in every school I’ve ever been in, we spend a full week before students arrive to reflect on one thing — goals. It therefore wasn’t a surprise to me when I found myself in a twitter chat last night having to frame my priorities for the academic year into one word. Having had the last week to think about it, I quickly typed in the word- community.

Now what I found interesting was that for the rest of the twitter chat — well besides all the new…

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