M.Sc. CS or MCA Course — Know the Differences between Them to Take a Correct Decision

Both M.Sc. Computer Science and MCA courses are postgraduate programs in the field of computer science. Though both courses focus on instilling almost same knowledge in the students, but the first one can only be pursued by the students who have completed B.Sc. Computer Technology program and candidates who have completed graduation and studied mathematics in the higher secondary can join MCA programs in India. If you have completed B.Sc. Computer Science and are confused about which one to select, you must identify the basic differences between them and select the one accordingly. I have mentioned some differences and career opportunities which you should keep in mind while taking a decision.

M.Sc. CS is a two year full time course, whereas MCA is a three year course. First, we talk about M.Sc. Program. It covers not only computer technology, but also various other fields in business, science and education. Instead of joining an MCA institute in India, if you decide on M.Sc. CS course, you will get various job opportunities in software development, testing, and networking sectors. Many big organizations such as Wipro, IBM and Infosys also prefer hiring M.Sc. CS students. However, if you want to do some research in IT field or become a lecturer in this area, you should choose this course.

MCA courses offered by prominent colleges in India are suitable for the students who wish to make a wonderful career in the software and web development sector. After completion, they will get many opportunities in the big IT companies and consultancy firms. These companies prefer MCA student for software development and analyst. However, when it comes to creating a complete new application, they prefer M.Sc. CS students.

The major difference between these two courses is that the MCA course focuses on developing software while M.Sc. CS course provides basic theoretical knowledge of software and hardware along with algorithms. To pursue the second one, you should also have strong computational skills. Therefore, if you want to do some research in IT field or get a doctorate, you must go for M.Sc. Course.

Well, these are some differences between M.Sc. CS and MCA courses and career opportunities. By taking these things into consideration, you will be able to take the best choice.

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