Old Letter for Santa

It’s not what you would hope to discover stuck up a fireplace, however this letter composed by a young man to Santa in 1943 has been found up a smokestack stack in Reading. Amazingly, it is in practically consummate condition. The letter was discovered totally unintentionally when manufacturers were tearing down the old smokestack.

“Ordinarily, we do discover stuff, similar to old daily papers, matchboxes, cigarettes, boxes, yet nothing, not at all like this, you know, it is in immaculate condition. It was collapsed up, you know, we thought that it was similar to that, truly. Furthermore, you know, kids nowadays request significantly more than what’s on this rundown, so that is the reason we were, you know, we were shocked at that.”

Lewis posted a photo of the letter on Facebook to show how circumstances are different, yet he never could have envisioned that the individual who composed the letter would utilize this new medium to get in contact.

David Haylock is the young man who needed chalk, shoes and any toy Santa needed to save.

“The written work looks well known. It is mine, yes. Around 73, 74 years prior. I probably put this up the fireplace to Father Christmas, and I can hardly wait for him to convey.”

In spite of the fact that his letter might not have been addressed every one of those years prior, fortunately for David, these manufacturers have chosen in the Christmas soul to present him those present he ached for when he was a young man.