What if the laptop flight ban went global?

Every consultant who has to fly to their client on a Sunday and fly back to base late on a Thursday night knows that their laptop is a one thing they cannot afford to lose. All those emails to be read/deleted and those slide decks to be adjusted are more often than not done on the plane.

Consultants have become the experts of optimizing every square cm of a carry-on bag and avoiding checking any baggage in order to save time at airports, and securely carry their business documents. (The book, if published, would be called “The Art of the Pack”).

The new US/UK security oriented bans, which for certain flights, countries of origin and destinations, consigns laptops to the checked baggage and would bring a fretful sweat to most consultants, if (and more likely, when) the new bans get rolled out more extensively across the globe. No-one would like to see aircraft safety being compromised, however we could potentially see vast numbers of claims for in-baggage damaged or even missing laptops, and associated loss of business.

The new bans will create winners and losers.

Will the sales of secured cloud infrastructure solutions increase exponentially?

Will the cost of personal items travel insurance become as costly as a Macbook?

Will the sales of inexpensive cloud-based Chromebooks, which can be used with guest only accounts, and markedly more expendable than corporate Macbooks and PC laptops, go up?

And will there be new innovative firms created specifically to address the needs of the new breed of “travel with cellphone only” consultants?

Food for thought?