Edward Calvert
May 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Now whilst I do not confess to be a cider making expert, there are a couple of things I have picked up over the years that have meant that I now manage to produce about 100litres of cider a year that for the most part is pretty tasty.

Below are my 5 top tips for making a great batch of cider:

1. Make sure all of the equipment you use is sterilized. It is particularly important that the containers that you use to ferment the cider are clean, otherwise you run the risk of the cider being tainted.

2. Apple Section — You need to have a mix of both bitter sweet and bitter sharp apples; this should ensure that you get a well balance cider that will not spoil during the fermenting and maturing stage.

3. Use champagne yeast for fermenting — Currently there are no manufactured cider yeasts so you will have to use one that has been developed for the fermentation of wine. Generally speaking Champagne yeast is considered the best for this and it will give you a nice medium dry cider.

4. Be certain to wash you apples thoroughly and throw away any that are rotten. I find the best way to do this is to chuck all of your apples in a large bucket of water, this will mean you can wash a lot at one time and on top of this all of the rotten apples will sink to the bottom.

5. Keep it simple and don’t add anything, just because your granddad use to add a slab of cheese and piece of bacon to the juice doesn’t mean you should to.

Stick to these simple rules and you should find your self with a great batch of cider next season. Good Luck!

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