Certified Threat Manager Certification Program Proves Experience

Edward Myers & Associates, Inc., an investigation and risk assessment consulting firm based in Studio City, California, possesses a management team with over 75 collective years of experience in public- and private-sector investigation. In addition, Edward Myers & Associates. Inc., belongs to the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), which offers a certification program in threat assessment and threat management.

Designed by the ATAP board of directors in 2011, the program enables professionals to prove they possess the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to perform specific jobs in threat assessment. It uses a multi-disciplinary approach to identify people who strive for the best. Furthermore, the certificate program focuses on monitoring and upholding prescribed standards for the various industries associated with risk management and threat assessment.

The Certified Threat Manager program opened for candidates to apply in April 2015. The examination requires participants to identify core competencies and related KSA (knowledge, skills, and abilities). Testing sites across the country offer the exam through a virtual platform.