The Range of Surveillance Services at Edward Myers and Associates Inc.

A boutique investigation and risk assessment consulting firm, Edward Myers & Associates, Inc. provides clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to high-profile media figures with a range of services. The principals at Edward Myers & Associates, Inc. work closely with clients and leverage multinational resources to provide the highest level of service possible. Some of the most critical services at the firm include surveillance and counter-surveillance initiatives.

Principals at the firm have worked with private attorneys, prosecutors, corporate security providers, and law enforcement agencies to teach surveillance and counter-surveillance strategies using single- and multi-agent teams. Surveillance is useful in a wide range of different situations. For example, suspect activity can be investigated in cases of potential corporate fraud or industrial espionage.

Surveillance can also provide close protection and ensure that important information stays safe. Litigators often rely on surveillance to gather relevant evidence that can be used in court in everything from criminal matters to family law. Surveillance can help document inappropriate pursuits and play a key role in deterring future privacy intrusions. Corporations may require surveillance to investigate cases of workplace violence as a supplement to security measures. To learn more about surveillance and counter-surveillance through the firm online at