This psychological defeat will be so great that it will lead to the bubbling over of the fury inherent to the Trump voter. But they won’t protest on the streets (which might harmlessly discharge the fury) because that’s not their style. They’ll simply check out. They’ll cease to participate in the system. Voting for Trump was their last, best effort to play by the rules, and it worked. They elected a candidate democratically, one whom, whether he was lying or not, was at least addressing their woes head on. If Trump is impeached, Trump voters will not just believe, they will know that a corrupt media and a corrupt Washington rejected their candidate like a transplanted organ.
If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Well said. This puts the point very well. I have many friends who feel this way. It’s hard to relate to, but this is a great way to explain how they feel.

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