What Miami Law Considers When Calculating Child Support

For a couple that has children, going through a divorce can be very overwhelming. If the divorce is highly contested the whole thing can even be very much cumbersome to deal with. But either way, Miami law courts expect parents to make very big decisions and choices when it comes to their children during divorce. Regarding child support, time sharing, and parental care in Miami, the most vital thing is that everything is done with the child’s interests at heart.

In Miami parents are expected to provide child support but the amount of support that every one of them will give depends on a number of factors including how much money each parent makes or earns. The amount that parents would have spent on their kid if they weren’t divorced is then determined by the court and shared between the parents.

How It’s Done

When couples who have children go through divorce, each and every parent will fill out financial affidavits. The affidavits will disclose all their incomes and expenses. In Miami form to be filled id determined by your annual gross income, there is one for people whose gross income is below $50,000 annually and for those whose gross income is above $50,000 annually.

The gross income of any individual who is looking to divorce will include their wages and salary and business income if any. It will also include social security, worker’s compensation benefits, disability funds, tips, bonuses, allowances, overtime, interests on dividends, trust, royalty, or the estate income, pensions, retirement benefits, spousal support, and property gains among others.

Once the gross income has been determined, certain costs will be deducted in order to come up with your net income. These costs will include taxes, union dues, retirement payments, personal health insurance payments, and even other spousal and child support payments. Once the parents have arrived on their net income, Miami Family Law Court will add these two numbers together in order to get a combined total.

The court will the use the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet to figure out how much the child should get as their support. Usually some parents may try cheating the system by claiming to be unemployed to reduce on their child support, if this happens, the court could impute income to a parent as if they were earning full income.

Child support is a very complex issue to understand. You can seek the help of a divorce attorney Miami when you want to have it easy and smooth.