A Friday Chat About The State of the World
Megan Reynolds

So, here’s my big question (looking down the road a bit): when they say that states can “opt-out” of one requirement or another, what state officer or agency makes that call? This is something I would sincerely like to know for purposes of bothering the holy bejesus out of those people so they don’t do really dumb sh*t. Of course, that will only work on a state by state basis and I live in a blue state where (mostly) those decisions are likely to be made in line with the core values of the original ACA anyway, which is where my anxiety and internal debate about “But I DO care about those other states, even if they voted against their own interest!” versus “But they have to live with the consequences of their own actions!” starts to ramp up.

Plus, I think we’re not hearing enough about the act’s provisions allowance for employers to start making individual decisions about the insurance they can offer their employees. That’s not repealing and replacing the ACA, that’s wading hip-deep into the fun-house mirror of “hey, the market will take care of everyone, NO PROBLEM” which is always a good look for vulnerable populations… to mix ALL the metaphors into one sentence.