Ditch The Diamond, Get The Job
Ester Bloom

This is, uh, the exact opposite of the advice I was given (ok, 10 years ago) when I graduated from law school in State A and had the temerity to want to move back to State B, where I had lived <i>literally my entire life</i> except for law school. Why? Because every interview I had in State B was conducted with a side eye as to why I left State B to begin with. So, my career services center recommended that I buy myself a plausible ring so that when asked the inevitable, “But why are you moving back? You LEFT” question, I could say, “Because Fiancee works at [Large State B-headquartered corporation]!”

I never did it, and ended up just fine. But still: that kind of thing is super gross no matter which way it’s going.

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