The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

I have to disagree with you Jason.

First off, honestly, it wasn't “one stray bullet” that took the representation Clarke and Lexa’s relationship provided away, it was you. Your pen on paper.

That bullet wasn't very stray either. It was aimed to hurt Lexa. The intent of the man shooting it, Lexa’s father figure, was to kill Lexa’s lover, for no apparent reason other than Lexa loving her. A mentor, a man that cares so deeply about a characters is willing to hurt them by killing their lover. This would also not be the first person that would have been killed for loving Lexa. Costia was murdered and beheaded, all for someone else to hurt Lexa. Would you please explain to exactly how you can sit there and say “We can say that race, sexuality, gender and disability should not divide us” when your writing has repeatedly hurt it’s characters for who they love?

You have also out right lied to us, repeatedly. You've been dismissive of Clarke’s bisexuality on your twitter account, stating Lexa wasn’t Clark’s soul mate while here you say “ My sincerest hope is that any of our fans who saw a part of themselves in the relationship between Clarke and Lexa can take some small comfort in knowing that their love was beautiful and real.”

So, which is it Jason, because I really would like to know if you’re just trying to get us all to go away now, or if you’re admitting that intentionally set out to hurt us? Whatever your answer is, I would suggest you try making some recompense before asking for anyone’s forgiveness.

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