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{Disclaimer: We may as an association be asked to write a review on a product, service or event but we write from our experience. This is a paid post sponsored by Groupon Coupon.}

I’m totally about saving money. I have a very active and social 7yr old, that should say it all. I have more money leaving my wallet than Niagara has falls. As a single/divorced/working mother who is also an entrepreneur, paying full price is soooooooooo not an option.

And then there is Groupon Coupon! I have a special place in my heart for their many discounts and deals.

We know Groupon to be a place where you can get a fantastic deal on entertainment, food and other special interest items. However, did you know that there is a huge database of Groupon Coupons out there waiting to help you save money? You can search their deals via the Groupon Coupon database and get deals to approximately 9,000+ stores. Say it with me… Ah- Mazing!

There are some really hot deals for instance:

As I was writing this piece, I actually learned about two new amazing online stores:

I am a total dress and purse collector, so was right up my alley. Being a super stylish, buxom, size 14 (Sports Illustrated…. I’m plus size, call me!!!) … I love pretty dresses and they love me. I found some beautiful, sexy dresses on their website. Couple their awesome low prices with the listed Groupon Coupons and you will pretty much want to refurbish your entire wardrobe.

Belk was a one-stop shop! They had me at “For the Home”. Yes, I’m completely obsessed with pretty home-wares and my house is kinda basic… thus my obsession. LOL! I found a sweet Bella 5Qt slow cooker for $29.99 and then with the current 20% Extra Savings coupon, that brings the price down to $23.99. Oh I’m going to be stewing whole chickens like crazy pants!

There are so many deals to be had… in fact, you could even become a modern day pioneer woman fighting the zombie apocalypse should it ever happen when you stock up on the Gander Mountain coupons!

True Story: I moved back from England to Texas about a decade ago. We lived near a huge Gander Mountain. My British ex- thought Gander Mountain was God’s gift to the “hunter gatherer” gene located in every male homo-sapien. He dragged me through that store for hours upon end. So on my many visits, it became second nature for me to methodically plan out what I would buy should the zombie apocalypse ensue and I was forced to become a post apocalyptic pioneer woman. I figured out that I could buy fashionable camouflage, guns, a duck caller to annoy said zombies, a tractor, some fishing rods, gourmet trail mix and Swedish fish to survive. (Don’t judge me, my therapist says this is healthy. LOL!) If you want to check out the amazing deals and click here for the Gander Mountain Coupons.

If you want to save money, get the things your family needs and STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR FARTHER, then head over to Groupon Coupon and start saving money, today!

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Originally published at on February 17, 2016.

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