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 Finally, how to make a WordPress blog without the fluff. Learn how to setup a domain name, web hosting, install WordPress and navigate through beginners blog design. This simple do this and that happens tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn how to create a blog from scratch yourself and then let your creativity take it from there.

Video on making a blog using the WP 2016 theme:

Created By: Dear Blogger

p.s. Believe me I’m trying to go quicker aka under 10 minutes for you guys


But 17 minutes is the best I could do in several tries!

MORE INFO ON WORDPRESS COM VS ORG does give you a free blog at first, which is really fun, I tried it, but making it look good from a professional standpoint is very tricky. You soon have to pay for things. No themes or plugins. No ads. Pay for videos. Pay for lots of visitors or to edit the code. Hard to transfer out once you pay. (this tutorial) always requires you to setup a domain name and hosting elsewhere (hostgator) first and install software, after which it is all free. Free plugins and themes. Free to post ads. Edit code. Free to rank in Google with unlimited visitors. Used by almost every single pro blogger and web designer along with tons of beginners.

This is a tutorial but it’s totally up to you how you create a blog! Lots of good options!


In this tutorial I’m creating a random financial advice blog I’ll use to document my learnings in the stock market and beyond. It’s not that random though, blogs that talk about topics where people are more likely to spend money (think finance, investing, forex, fitness, travel, fashion vs lolcats, college humor, relationship blogs etc) get paid more for Adsense clicks. You make your money on Adsense through clicks ($1-$20) and impressions.



I’ll be around to help here always and checkout for free and fast WordPress support too.

Thank you for watching!


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