“Belief” Does Not Alter Reality

I grew up hearing about “God” from a Christian perspective. The “Christian” message is usually a variation of this statement - “believe in Jesus so…”. What comes after the “so” often varies, but it’s usually something like “… so when you die you’ll go to heaven and not hell”

Recently I began to see this whole thing from a new perspective, having received belief-altering revelations. Revelations such as “beliefs do not alter truth [reality], they alter our perception of it”

In which case I asked the question, what is the value of “believing in Jesus”?

You see, that revelation would suggest before you were even born, you were already on your way to either heaven or hell. It would suggest that believing in Jesus or not believing in Jesus cannot change that.

I, however do not consider the purpose of Jesus as having to do with the concepts of “heaven and hell”, I consider the purpose of Jesus to have to do with one single thing — identity.

Yet, observe how believing in Jesus therefore cannot “alter” the truth [reality] of your identity? You might then ask, okay what of this:

These signs shall follow those that believe in my name…” — Jesus

Very good question lol! Check this out

Why are you worshipping me, am I not human just like you?” — Paul

Some background.

Paul had just caused a man that had never walked before to stand up and walk simply by “speaking”, by “telling him to”. Notice what Paul didn’t say. He didn’t say “why are you worshipping me, am I not (a Jew) just like you?”. He couldn’t have, he wasn’t speaking to Jews. Using today’s perception of the apostles as being “Christians”, that statement isn’t “why are you worshipping me, am I not (a Christian)?”

In other words, it couldn’t have been about “a label”. Notice how James says “Elijah was human just like you”

That “human” and “just like you” points to one thing… The reason “signs” follow those that “believe” is because their perception of themselves has been changed. They are finally beginning to see the truth [reality] of their identity and being.

At this present time, it is my belief that Jesus IS the revelation of the identity of humanity. John puts it like this

Beloved, we are [even here and] now God’s children; it is not yet disclosed (made clear) what we shall be [hereafter], but we know that when He comes and is manifested, we shall [as God’s children] resemble and be like Him, for we shall see Him just as He [really] is” — John

So what is the value of believing in Jesus?

Seeing myself as I truly am, and always have been.

The signs wouldn’t follow because they’ve just been given this special abilities BECAUSE they “believed and confessed Jesus”. “What I HAVE, I give to you…”

The signs follow because humans are Children [unique and exact duplicates] of God. This is the truth [reality] of our identity and being.

Beliefs don’t alter reality, they only alter our perception of it. At some point or another, whether in this life or in the lives to come, ALL of us would come to this revelation. Simply because it is the truth [reality] of our identity and being. It cannot change even as God cannot cease to be God.

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