“Sound Doctrine”

All doctrine is built on and from the revelations and experiences of others. Christian doctrine is built on the words of those in the Bible. Many Christians go as far as saying “The bible is my final authority on anything”

But herein lies the problem with that

“Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture” — Paul (the apostle)

Imagine you invited 6 people to come and see your house. On the way there one asks you to stop, they have to be somewhere. You drop that one off and continue on your way. As soon as you get to your street, another asks you to stop. By the time you get to the front of your house, only 4 are left. Before you step into your house, another leaves. You show the remaining three downstairs, and as you’re about to take them upstairs, one more leaves.

At the end of the day, the 6 people would have 5 different “revelations” of your house. Each can only reveal as far as they got.

Made plain, by the time the words in your holy books were written, and even till now… The revelation is not yet complete. There are things Jesus, Paul and our other prophets/apostles/revered men and women DID NOT KNOW at the time they said what is written. And like asking the ones that left before they actually saw the full house, the best they could do about what they did not know was put forward intelligent guesses based on what they knew, or “prophesy” as the case may be. Prophecy in that context is like either of the last 2 people that saw your house telling either of the 4 what they saw. Prophecy is not necessarily that which “will happen” or “is yet to happen”

“The time is coming and already is”- Jesus

Prophecy is that which “has happened”. It is that which already is

But that’s beside the point for now. The point and question is, can we call what is built on incomplete knowledge “Sound docrtine”?

Within our religions, many reject all (new) revelations that go against what is written in their books. That is like rejecting the revelation of your house the ones that actually made it in have, in favor of the assumptions of the ones that never made it in.

Do we discard our holy books? Clearly not, they contain many great revelations. What we do not do however, is use them as our sole source of revelation/knowledge/information or “final authority” of God, ourselves, others, and life in general