Hello World!

Hi there. We’re Efflux Systems. We’re a small team that has spent the last year building a cyber security analytic platform that changes the way you look at network traffic inside your network.

Today’s security solutions focus heavily on the perimeter and the endpoint.

We’ve decided to take the “middle ground” and focus on your internal traffic patterns. Why you ask? Because after the attacker gets in, that’s where they will be hiding, and they have to use your network against you to achieve their goals. We want to help you watch your network to catch them in the act.

We’ve developed an analytic platform that collects, analyzes, and informs you about the various network activity levels within your network. This information can be used to:

  • Help you create technical policies to reduce risk and your internal network surface area, giving attackers very little space to move
  • Discover new threats and techniques that can’t be found with existing signatures
  • Assess how wide a breach has spread within your network

We’ve built the technology from the ground up, using a lot of different tools, from old to new.

High speed traffic analysis engines in C, massive RESTful APIs and complex visualizations in JavaScript, machine learning and statistical modeling in Python, all while piecing it together with language agnostic messaging and containerization, oh my…

…and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

We’re excited to share our tech with the world, and look forward to making it safer and sharing our lessons learned as seasoned security analysts, developers, and technology enthusiasts.

See you soon.

-Team Efflux

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