Examining the Landscape

When we think about UX in the consumer world, we can quickly agree that consumers have the luxury to choose what they interact with or don’t interact with. UX Designers in that space work to make the choice more enticing or obvious that someone should purchase their product or application. However, when we try to determine what UX is for enterprise software, we start seeing some confusion.

When someone talks about enterprise software they might mean a number of different things… Some people are speaking about software used by employees inside any large organization. Other people mean…

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/whiteboard-sketching-design -planning-7366/

Design is a tool that can be used outside of the implementing of actual design work. Design is a method for solving problems, and it’s about bringing intention to it. Good design, will always include a humanistic approach to solve a problem. It doesn’t mean that only designers can do this either. Designers learn about individuals, about what they want, don’t want, and then use iteration to present potential solutions based on their findings. They learn from an end user group and leave all assumptions on the table to try to find what the end solution might be. …

Elijah Fischer

Senior Product Design Manager (UX) for Wayfair’s Enterprise Product Design Team

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