There’s Major Fuckery Afoot With The Washington Post, And I Think I Know Why
Caitlin Johnstone

<i> Oceania was at war with Eastasia: Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. A large part of the political literature of five years was now completely obsolete. Reports and records of all kinds, newspapers, books, pamphlets, films, sound-tracks, photographs — all had to be rectified at lightning speed. Although no directive was ever issued, it was known that the chiefs of the Department intended that within one week no reference to the war with Eurasia, or the alliance with Eastasia, should remain in existence anywhere. The work was overwhelming … — 1984</i>, Part 2, Chapter 9

Orwell was not a science fiction writer, so he never really dreamed up any methodologies that would make the historical revision so easy as <i>The Nation</i> had it in disappearing that article (although the pushback got them to restore it, this time). Still, he made it look quite plausible to do it manually by brute force.

This article was a great rundown of these two stories with helpful links, many in the comments also that I want to check out. I’m really glad you’re bringing up the Seth Rich story. I saw it this morning and then saw Fox and thought, oh them, maybe it’s fake but it looks pretty solid and I hope more comes out.

BTW, there is finally some mention of the DNC fraud suit. <i>Newsweek</i>, of all places! It was on <i>Raw Story</i>. Boy, did it hit a nerve: 350 comments last I looked, mostly about those horrible, Russophile Bernie Bros.

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